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Khat’s out of the bag

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The Sheaf is serving spicy advice for your salty taste buds.

Q: I am totally in love with one of my profs. Is this normal? What should I do?

Khat: If you didn’t fall in love with at least one of your professors, I would consider that weird because there is something strangely alluring about a professor fantasy.

However, there are rules preventing this fantasy so finish school first, and if you are still in love later, go find them on Bumble and pray you match.

A quicker solution is trying a little self-love session in the morning before class, and then you’ll know if it’s really written in the stars. If that spark is gone by the time the lecture starts, maybe you just needed to dust off the cobwebs.

Q: I failed a few classes last term. Should I drop out or retake them this year? I don’t know if I can handle this again.
Khat: It is not uncommon to fail classes, and it doesn’t mean you should immediately give up. If you think you can’t handle it, then approach it differently.

There are plenty of resources available for students to help them graduate. Try meeting with a counsellor at the Student Wellness Center or an academic advisor.

If these options don’t suit you, try taking the same classes but balance the workload with two hard classes and two easier classes. You might be surprised what you remember from the failed class by retaking it!

Q: This guy started talking to me on the bus and asked me for my number. I felt awkward and wasn’t sure what to do so I panicked and gave it to him. Now, he won’t stop texting me. It’s making me uncomfortable. What should I do?

Khat: Ahh, yes, the creepy guy on the bus. Simplest way: block. No one loses their dignity, and the guy just keeps texting cyberspace to his heart’s content. Nothing has changed except for you not getting his messages.

If you have absolutely had it with this dude just be upfront and say, “This is making me extremely uncomfortable, I don’t want you to text me anymore, I am blocking your number.” Boy, bye.

Q: I am in love with someone but her family is really strict and she’s pretty religious. How can I ask her out? What if her family doesn’t want her to date me?

Khat: Do you love her more than how much her family might dislike you? Religious and strict families will mostly require you to take it slow and easy. You might need to pull some old school cards out.

First, let her know that you’ve been wanting to ask her out on a date but that you’re worried about how the family might feel. Let her know you would like her family to meet you first before setting up a date and see if that is ok with her.

This alone will get you huge brownie points in this modern “wyd” age. Bring that old school romance back, and if it works out, I want to hear a follow up story.

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Khat P.

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