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A 2019 bucket list

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By now, you may have made some New Year’s resolutions — and you’ve probably already broken a few — but setting and reaching your 2019 goals doesn’t have to feel like an impossible chore.

The following listicle suggests 19 different bucket-list ideas for you to check off this year. Feel free to create some of your own, and make 2019 your best year yet. Apart from this list, you may wish to set any long-term goal that will take you one year to achieve.

1.Write a list of people whom you love and respect. Only surround yourself with positive people who add value to your life in 2019.

2. Ask everyone you know what their favorite song is and create a playlist of them. This is a really cool project to work on over the year, and you might be surprised by the songs that your friends recommend to you.

3.Create a morning and nighttime skincare routine. Your skin will thank you.

4.Go through your clothes, and donate the ones that you don’t wear. Maybe take a peak around the thrift store while you’re there.

5.Buy a reusable water bottle. There are billions of pounds of plastic being dumped into the ocean each year — don’t be part of the problem.

6.Organize your junk drawer… Then your room. Then your life. You don’t realize how much clutter can weigh you down until you remove it.

7. Delete your Instagram account for 30 days. If you’re addicted to your phone, this can really help. Even if you’re not, taking a break from
social media can give you a different perspective on life.

8. Go to one office hour for each of your professors. Immerse yourself in your classes, and reap the benefits.

9. Buy a 0.05 mm pencil — a sharp pencil means a sharp mind.

10. Smoke a blunt with your friends. Oh, Canada!

11. Try one new cocktail every month. Live a little! Maybe, you’ll find a new

12.Drive outside of the city, and watch the stars. While you’re in the stirs of the new year, it can be easy to forget how insignificant everything really is.

13. Tell someone your favorite memory. Challenge yourself to think of the best one.

14.Make a schedule, and stick to it. This is literally the best thing that you can do for yourself in 2019.

15. Speak publicly in front of a crowd of 10 people or more. Statistics suggest people are more afraid of public speaking than death — death! Get over this fear by forcing yourself to do it.

16.Learn a party trick.Watching a card trick while sober is mediocre at best, but performing a card trick for your drunken peers instantly puts you at David Blaine level.

17.Try one food that you’ve never had before. Step out of your comfort zone this year — one of the foods that you have been avoiding might be your new favourite.

18. Wake up early and watch the sun rise. Take advantage of the beautiful Saskatchewan sky this year. Go to bed early once so that you can wake up before the rest of the world does.

19. Purchase a new workout outfit, and use it. New gym attire is the root of all new-found gym motivation.

Emma Ashworth

Graphic: Jaymie Stachyruk / Graphics Editor

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