In focus: ESB students take the plunge during Chillin’ for Charity event

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On Nov. 1, members of the Edwards School of Business Jeux du Commerce West team gathered near the Commerce Loop, facing single-digit November temperatures to jump off a diving board into a cold pool in support of their Chillin’ for Charity event.

The annual fundraiser was hosted by ESB students participating in JDC West, a competition for business students from universities across western Canada. Since 2006, JDC West has been held in a number of different cities across the country. In 2017, teams participating in the business competition raised $304,772 and logged nearly 10,000 hours for Canadian charities.

ESB student participants prepare their swim suits before jumping into cold water in support of Chillin’ for Charity.

In 2019, JDC West will be held in Burnaby, B.C., from Jan. 11 to 13 and will feature academic, debate, athletic and social competitions. The business competition is expected to see participation from over 600 students from 12 Canadian universities. 

Carly Spooner, third-year marketing student, vice-president charity of the Edwards JDC West team and organizer of Chillin’ for Charity, says that the money raised exceeded their goals for the event.

“Chillin’ for Charity was fantastic this year,” Spooner said. “We were able to surpass our goal of $10,000 to reach a grand total of $14,505 for United Way of Saskatoon and Area.”

Students attempt to draw a person with a Sharpie in their mouths while partially submerged in the cold water.

The Edwards JDC West team has also committed to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon, Ronald McDonald House Charities and Parkinson Canada, in addition to the United Way of Saskatoon and Area, for the 2019 business competition.

Riley Deacon / Photo Editor

Photos: J.C. Balicanta Narag / Outreach Director