Not enough time for a movie? Check out these Halloween-themed TV series

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It’s spooky season — which, unfortunately, also seems to be the season of due dates and midterms. Who really has time to sit down and watch an entire horror movie? But everyone needs a study break occasionally, so why not take a quick break and watch some creepy TV?

There are always the classics of the genre: The X-Files, Supernatural and American Horror Story. These time-honoured tales are still a good place to start. I won’t spend too much time explaining shows that you’ve probably heard about a thousand times, but they continue to be great options.

The Netflix documentary series I Am A Killer isn’t necessarily a spooky Halloween series, but it will definitely leave you feeling unsettled. I do not scare easily, but there is something eerie about this show that left me feeling uneasy. Delving into the minds of murderers is definitely one way to get into the Halloween spirit. Just don’t follow their lead, please.

The new Netflix horror series, The Haunting of Hill House, is at the top of my list of things to watch. The show is supposed to be terrifying, allegedly even making some people vomit or pass out according to CTV News.

But not everyone likes being scared, so for the faint of heart, here are a couple of good supernatural options to get into the Halloween mood. Charmed is, in my opinion, a severely underrated show. There are creepy aspects to it, but it is by no means a horror show — the perfect happy medium for some viewers.

Another great series, which would take even less time out of your busy schedule, is BuzzFeed Unsolved. With multiple seasons that alternate between true crime cases and supernatural cases, there is something for everyone.

BuzzFeed Unsolved also features episodes of varied length, so whether you have ten minutes or 40, you can squeeze one in. Episodes go live on Friday afternoons, and the latest supernatural season premiered on Oct. 19, 2018.

Netflix also has a new original series premiering on Oct. 26, which is causing considerable buzz. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina puts a darker twist on the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV show and comic series. It premieres at just the right time to creep everyone out right before Halloween, and the trailer seems to promise some good spooks and scares.

These recommendations cover different lengths, themes and scariness levels. If you’re looking for a fun- sized spooky distraction in between writing essays or crunching for midterms, there are plenty of great TV horror options available.

Amber Adrian-Jackson

Graphic: Yashica Bither