Up in Smoke: The best stoner comedies to binge watch in honour of legalization day

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Whether you want an excuse to chow down on some brownies and enjoy the amazing works of Seth Rogen or you just want to avoid studying, there are some amazing weed-inspired comedies out there for you.

Whether or not you agree with the passage of the new legislation, there’s no denying that there are some pretty funny cannabis-related movies out there. It can even be argued that marijuana is the heart of the comedy-film industry — so grab your bong or rolling papers and let’s get right down to it.

September marked the 25th anniversary of Dazed and Confused. This film is a coming-of-age story that focuses on a group of high-school burnouts celebrating their last day of school. Unfortunately, the movie can’t be found on Netflix, but if you can find it in your local bargain bin, it’s worth a watch.

What about Cheech and Chong, man? Sure, many grass-smoking movies have hit the scene since, but most of us can agree that these films are the originators of the genre. The dynamic red-eyed duo paved the future for the normalization of marijuana movies when they hit the screens in the early 1970s.

Seth Rogen, someone whose name would most likely appear beside cannabis in the dictionary, can be found in almost any film that features the appearance of a joint. Rogen be found starring in 21st century cult classics such as This is the End, Pineapple Express, Neighbors and Knocked Up.

Actor Seth Rogen, star of the stoner-comedy Pineapple Express.

All of these movies freely show the use of marijuana, with tons of hilarity throughout. While in theatres, Pineapple Express made $101,624,843 worldwide. Clearly, audiences enjoy the genre or are at least willing to look past the green haze.

Recalling this years’ release of Super Troopers 2, legalization marks a perfect time to return to the original movie. If you still have a DVD player kicking around, it’s time to dust off the disc. If not, Super Troopers can be streamed on Netflix. The story of five below-average, prankster Vermont state troopers is one worth watching for the belly laughs alone.

Are you truly Canadian if you haven’t watched at least one episode of the ridiculous show Trailer Park Boys? What some would consider a Canadian classic, TPB started with television and has since emerged in the film industry as well. If you’re looking for some variety outside of weed, this show also covers excessive rum and coke consumption, general Nova Scotian redneckery and hilarious petty-criminal schemes.

Marijuana has taken the television scene by storm. Weeds, an addictive show about a middle-aged widow who sells pot in order to support her family, is definitely a binge-worthy watch.

Another Netflix Original on the slightly quirkier side is Disjointed — a story about a lifelong advocate for legalization who is able to follow her dreams and open a dispensary in California. If you’re looking for some entertainment that’s outright weird, Ruth and her Los Angeles “budtenders” are for you.

Finally, if cooking shows are more your scene, Cooking on High, the first-ever competitive cannabis cook-off show, is worth taking a bite out of — even if it’s not technically a comedy.

Regardless of which of these titles you choose, it’s guaranteed to serve as a good distraction with commitment-free laughs, whether you’re a wake-and-bake smoker or a legalization skeptic.

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