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Fake News: Area man mixes up Diva Cups with Dixie Cups, supplies as shot glasses

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COLLEGE QUARTER —What was meant to be a night of attempting the running man dance and watching streamers play Fortnite turned out to be something entirely more depressing when a group of computer science students did a round of shots out of menstrual cups.

Greg Giesbrecht, aspiring party guy and second-year computer science student, supplied Diva Cups for a back-to-school get-together held in his dorm on Aug. 29, after mistaking the hygiene products for Dixie Cups. Giesbrecht blames the school and his parents’ credit card for the mix-up.

“I was a little tipsy while on Amazon one night when I saw twenty of the cups for like $130 — I thought they were limited edition Dixie Cups or something,” Giesbrecht said. “I’d never heard of menstrual cups before — they don’t teach about them in the Ontario sex-ed curriculum anymore. It was an honest mistake — it could have happened to anyone.”

Allegedly, none of the other all-male party-goers thought anything was amiss when Giesbrecht busted out the Fireball and the improvised shot glasses. It wasn’t until Marcus Jamison, Giesbrecht’s R.A. and gathering attendee, made an Instagram video of the incident that word got out. Jamison is now referred to as “Marc the Narc,” and a female student who slid into Giesbrecht’s DMs earlier that week decided to stop trying with him, sources say.

The Diva Cups have since been sanitized and donated to the Student Wellness Centre for repurposing.


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