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Protective Services Briefs – week of March 29/18

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Weapons at Louis’:
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The Saskatoon Police Service attended a weapons call at Louis’ Pub on the night of Feb. 24. It was reported that at least one individual had access to a knife. At least one individual was arrested in relation to this incident, but there was no confirmation that any weapons were involved.

Mischief by Biology:
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On Feb. 26, a U of S custodial worker found eight used fire extinguishers and multiple broken lights outside the loading dock of the Biology Building. There are no suspects at this time.

Mischief by Engineering:
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On the evening of March 1, witnesses heard several loud noises in the Engineering Building in the vicinity of Room 2C54. Officers were called and discovered that several stairwell lights had been smashed. The Facilities Management Division was contacted for cleanup and repair, and no responsible parties have been identified.

Mac’s Convenience Store:
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An employee of Mac’s Convenience Store in Lower Place Riel contacted Protective Services to report that two young males had stolen a four-litre jug of milk on the afternoon of March 3. Officers responded, but the suspects had fled. Surveillance footage of the incident was collected, and investigators are actively attempting to identify the culprits.

Mischief by Education:
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A caller in the Education Building reported that two suspicious males were wandering the building on the afternoon of March 3. Both subjects left the area before officers could attend. Protective Services discovered that these two individuals had broken several panes of glass with pool balls and had used a fire extinguisher in a classroom. It is suspected that these males were the same individuals who stole the jug of milk from Mac’s.

Suspects identified:
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Over the weekend of March 3 and 4, several incidents were discovered to have occurred on campus, including use of a fire extinguisher in a computer lab, several broken windows, attempts to gain access to products in locked coolers in the Agriculture and Geology buildings, as well as the theft of a four-litre container of milk from Mac’s Convenience Store.

On March 5, Protective Services posted images of the suspects online, and an individual reported that one of the suspects was on campus later that evening. Officers attended to the call, and a positive identification was made. The Saskatoon Police Service was contacted, and the suspect left in police custody.

Robbery in residence:
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On March 15, a campus resident was robbed by guests that were invited over for a party. The Saskatoon Police Service was notified of the incident and contacted Protective Services. Video-surveillance footage of the individuals was provided to the Saskatoon Police Service, whose officers are currently investigating.

Theft from Physical Activity Complex:
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An unknown individual stole items from lockers at the PAC on March 16. Protective Services has identified one suspicious individual from camera footage and is currently working with staff at the Fit Centre to confirm the person’s identity.


*Briefs provided by Protective Services.


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