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Fake News: Warm weather reminds grad student what it’s like to feel happy, free

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GRADUATE HOUSE — As temperatures continue to rise in Saskatchewan, one doctoral candidate is feeling especially optimistic, as evidenced by his joyful exclamation upon stepping outside Monday morning. The Sheaf hit the streets to find out more.

Gregory Barker remembers waking up in a foul mood, dreading a day of research and fruitless peer-mentoring sessions. However — after the first light of morning touched his hollow, sunken face and he noticed that the wind blowing past him was fragrant with the smell of wet pavement — Barker says he felt rejuvenated, prompting him to utter a positive exclamation.

Witnesses to Barker’s cry of joy gave mixed responses — one nearby pedestrian reported feeling dismayed and angered upon hearing Barker express himself.

“It’s the same thing every year, by gosh,” they said.

Another passerby shared that seeing Barker happy made them feel happy, too.

“Hey, that’s really nice,” they said.

Barker has lived in Saskatchewan his entire life, and while he is no stranger to the province’s regular seasonal patterns, he expresses some disbelief on the subject.

“I had forgotten what it was like to really feel things — the winter is dark and hopeless,” Barker said. “I didn’t think I’d make it.”


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