Roadie ready: A concise list of road-trip must-haves

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As students wait for the summer break with bated breath, we often daydream about travelling somewhere. You don’t have to leave on a jet plane to satisfy that travel bug — Saskatchewan is home to many great road-trip opportunities.

Here are some useful tips for your summer road trip.

Read up on what you want to do: This is obviously the most important part. Do you want to see the forest or the beach? An excellent method would be to browse the tourist spots in Saskatchewan on the Internet and list the names of places that interest you.

Wake up early: Road trips are great when you begin your journey early. This may sound scary for people who struggle to wake up early in the morning, but trust me — nothing is as amazing as witnessing the sunrise on wheels.

If you begin your road trip at dawn, bring your favourite stimulant, as you don’t want to doze off and miss the beautiful morning scenery. You should also carry some snacks with you, because a hungry stomach can diminish the overall experience.

Enjoy the journey and the destination: Getting to your destination can be as fun as the place itself. Be sure to plan some activities both for the journey and for when you reach your destination. Life is always hectic, so it’s important to spend quality time with your loved ones when you can.

And obviously, enjoy yourself when you get to where you’re travelling. I have fond memories of watching my dad doing what he does best — fishing. I’m still able to reminisce on how excited my mom, my husband and I were when Dad caught three huge fish during our last summer trip.

Prepare for the worst: When going on summer road trips, remember to carry your necessary belongings. I make sure to take sunscreen, lotion, a hairbrush, a hair clip and a few cosmetics, so that I always look fresh until the end of the day. I recommend carrying mosquito spray as well, because Saskatchewan mosquitos are known to be ruthless.

If you love music, it’s a good idea to bring a Bluetooth speaker with you, so that you can listen to your favourite songs while enjoying the trip. During one of my summer adventures, I felt so peaceful listening to music while sitting by the lake and staring at the water.

Plan for meals: Hunger pangs are a quick way to put a damper on any outing, and there’s just something special about eating outside. It’s easy enough to cook some food the night before, so that you can enjoy food at a picnic spot. If you and your family plan to barbecue, assemble all the important stuff early, because you don’t want to begin your trip in a rush.

Make sure it’s leisurely: No matter if you’re with family or friends, it’s important to just take your time. The pressures of university can get exhausting, so a relaxing road trip is just the thing you need before you return to school.

While a little preparation and a easygoing mindset will go a long way, a successful summer road trip really comes down to the people you bring along for the ride. Come summer, be sure to grab your friends or family, pick a spot you’ve always wanted to see and bring a handful of snacks, and your next road trip will be one to remember.

Bidushy Sadika

Graphic: Laura Underwood / Layout Manager