Gallery gander: BFA Honours students present their thesis exhibits

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Between term papers, the onslaught of midterms and the slow approach of finals, the last half of term two is a trying time for students. Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Honours students have it worse than many — they also must put on a week-long art show.

Fourteen students are presenting their thesis exhibits at the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery as part of their degree requirement this year. The exhibitions began on March 5 and will continue until April 6, changing weekly. In anticipation of the exhibitions, the Sheaf contacted four students through email to get a sneak peek at the work from their shows. Be sure to head to the Snelgrove to see the exhibits for yourself.

Kenton Doupe

Exhibit: Portraits

Work: MJ

Equipment used: Nikon D610 with Sigma ART 50mm / 24mm lens on gloss paper

“I chose this piece to embody my entire show due to its open-ended nature. The face consisting of light not only creates a striking visual effect but also represents the space that 140 individuals could fill.”

Kenton Doupe / Supplied

Sarah Henry

Exhibit: Visual Diaries

Work: January 15th, 2017

Materials used: Acrylic on canvas

“I aim to create a composition that has emotion and connects with people on a personal level. I hope that viewers can create an individual experience with my work and find some aspect that speaks to them. My paintings are a response to what I feel in the natural world.”

Sarah Henry / Supplied

Blaise Aitken

Exhibit: Odd Biologies

Work: Ebb and Flow

Materials used: Ink, chalk pastel and acrylic paint

“This piece is all about the balance of the two figures and was inspired by the peculiar workings of the body. I explored the process of disassembling the bodies physically in conjunction with creating the piece’s background.”

J.C. Balicanta Narag / Photo Editor

Hillary Kirk

Exhibit: Polymorphous

Work: Polymorphous

Materials used: Sticks and fishing line

“Polymorphous is an installation exhibition with a focus on water. Through an exploration of the different states of water, I have been able to identify that passion and connection to water lies within a fourth phase. I feel that there are more than three phases of water, because without this fourth phase, there would be no explanation of our personal connection to water and its energy.”

Hillary Kirk / Supplied

A full schedule for the BFA Thesis Exhibitions can be found on the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery website.

Tanner Bayne / Culture Editor