Swiping right: Easy tips to improve your Tinder game

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Tinder is a great way to connect and chat with people that you maybe would not otherwise meet. However, there are many poor profiles out there. Here are the Sheaf’s tips to up your Tinder game, so you can get all of those right swipes.

Good quality pictures are the most important feature of an appealing Tinder profile. You only have six photos to show potential matches that you are worth a swipe, so it’s imperative that your pictures are on point.

Your pictures should be diverse and high-quality, and you should refrain from using pictures with Snapchat filters. The first Tinder photo will make that initial impression, so it should represent who you are.

You should avoid using a group photo as your main profile picture, as doing this saves would-be swipers from the awkwardness of working out which person is you. An assortment of pictures is ideal — in addition to your solo profile portrait, you should have at least one picture with friends to make you look sociable and a jokey picture, which always makes for a good conversation starter.

If you have a pet, then definitely feature them in your profile — who doesn’t want to look at and talk about a cute dog or cat? That being said, dead animals should certainly be avoided if you want people to swipe right on your profile. Many Saskatonians on Tinder use pictures of themselves posing with hunted animals or proudly holding a caught fish, but animal corpses are not the gateway to Tinder matches.

Connecting your Tinder profile to your Instagram is always a good idea, as it enables other users to see some of your hobbies and interests. Linking your Spotify to your Tinder account is also a good move, as having an absolute jam as your Tinder anthem is always attractive. However, it’s crucial to remember that potential matches can see what your top songs on Spotify are, so beware of repeatedly listening to “My Heart Will Go On.”

Another crucial part of the Tinder experience is the bio. The absence of a bio — even the smallest, most banal one — gives people the impression that you’re unwilling to let yourself be known. Simply putting down your interests, or even just your university major, is a good place to start.

I’d advise you to consider engaging people with your profile by putting a question in your bio. Asking “What is your favourite ABBA song?” will resonate with more people in comparison to messages like “If we match, you have to message me first, because I won’t message you.” This commonly used bio is not advisable — it immediately gives the impression that you are high maintenance and boring.

However, none of these tips will get you to Tinder greatness like perfecting the art of chatting. Tinder chatting is as simple as commenting on your match’s bio or using a tastefully quirky pickup line — just make sure to be unique with whatever you say. Remember to ask the person what they are looking for, because it will save you both time if you immediately find out that you’re both looking to hook up or hang out.

It’s also important to be cautious with compliments while on Tinder. Though usually appreciated, there are creepy and nice ways to give a compliment. Under no circumstances should the eggplant emoji be implemented.

Lastly, if someone doesn’t reply to your Tinder messages, don’t spam them with more messages. The last thing someone wants to see when they open Tinder is a ton of messages from someone who was annoyed that they didn’t receive a reply right away.

By implementing these Tinder tips and tricks, you’ll likely see a few more matches — and maybe even a message or two — next time you open up the app. Happy swiping!


Marianne Holt

Graphic: Thought Catalogue / Flickr