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The Strange Hubbs Weekly Meme – Week of Jan. 25, 2018

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Hola, mis amigos, and welcome to your momentary escape from the prison-like global culture of capitalism. Today, I cover the Hot Pockets meme, which has been quite popular and holds good value in the meme economy.

With all-new flavours like Trombone Spit and Aquarium Gravel, Hot Pockets appears to be launching their new campaign in the memosphere. If you are hoping to have a quick and calm meal in the evening, you should try Vietnam Flashbacks! You can really taste the trauma and opioids.

This meme relies on replacing the inside ingredients of the hot pockets. For example, you could replace them with the gum that’s stuck to the undersides of tables at restaurants. A meme artist might even replace the pocket.

This meme has good potential for remixability and the resurrection of dead memes. One could even go as far as making a Hot Pocket Harambe flavoured. I give this meme a steaming, soggy 9/10.

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