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Fake News: White Tinder date won’t shut up about how he makes the best curry

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ATHABASCA HALL — What was meant to be a harmless rebound one-night-stand went horribly awry for Elise Quinn when the man she had connected with on Tinder, a popular dating application, turned out to be a giant tool.

Quinn says she was trying to be more open-minded, which prompted her to agree to a date with this pasty white individual on the condition that they meet in a public place — even after noticing that he was wearing a kimono in several of his profile photos.

“He told me that he got [the kimono] when he spent a week in Thailand with his bros after high school,” Quinn said.

The two met for coffee at Louis’ Loft, and Quinn agreed to accompany her date back to his dorm when he promised to cook her a quick meal.

“He seemed nice enough, and I don’t know, I was hungry. I had mentioned that I like curry, and he thought he could prove his was better than my nanni’s — it wasn’t,” Quinn said.

Quinn also reports that her date had several katanas, a Buddha-esque sculpture with the face of Al Roker and a number of ornately styled tapestries in his dorm room. Similar accounts shared by multiple women at the University of Saskatchewan all seemingly to point to the same individual.


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