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Fakes News: Study shows basement suites attract most sad-boy renters

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ARTS BUILDING — A group of students enrolled in regional and urban planning at the University of Saskatchewan are preparing to present a comprehensive study of renters’ demographics and practices in the City of Saskatoon as part of their research for the upcoming Undergraduate Project Symposium on Feb. 5.

This pivotal study, conducted in 2017 over a period of six months, includes interviews with landlords and tenants in select Saskatoon neighbourhoods, as well as field research, surveys and photo and video submissions from subjects. Collected data shows that more than 90 per cent of the sad-boy population attending the U of S is choosing to rent subterranean spaces.

Jill Bahker, a professor in the department of psychology, posits that the sad-boy demographic is of particular interest to her field of research, and she offers some insight.

“Sad boys are generally male individuals aged 20-25 seeking to claim ways in which the world has wronged them,” Bahker said.

Sad boys are known to exhibit behaviours such as moral vigilantism and generally have trouble separating themselves from the contexts of social issues.

Bahker says that they typically have not maintained a romantic relationship for longer than four months and are prone to blacklisting and slandering their exes.

Bahker says that the living conditions chosen by sad-boy renters might have something to do with their existential dread and hidden desires for protection.

“They often feel lost and confused by the world and do not possess what would be considered ‘homemaking’ skills. This might make basement suites seem more enticing to them, as they lack the better judgement to seek more comfortable living spaces,” Bahker said.


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