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Fake News: Student surprised to find assignment written on week-long bender shockingly incoherent

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MURRAY LIBRARY — Vanessa Brinkmann, the self-proclaimed queen of  the dance floor at multiple night-life locations in and around Saskatoon, had a full-on meltdown at the printer on the ground floor of the Murray Library after she skimmed a paper she had written over the reading-week break.

Brinkmann, a student in her third year in the College of Law, says she was sure that she had done a better job on the 12-page argumentative essay — due in-class on Monday, Nov. 20 — even though she wrote 10 of the 12 pages from her smartphone, at a table on the second floor of the Crazy Cactus.

“I just really thought I had this one, you know. It’s unfair that there are so many expectations on students that we can’t even, like, let loose sometimes,” Brinkmann said.

Brinkmann admits she spent at least 50 hours at various drinking establishments over reading week.

With little time to pull anything more together, Brinkmann opted to hand in what she had finished. Time will tell if titling the document “Eight things I learned at the bottom of eight gringos” will pay off in meeting Brinkmann’s academic aspirations.


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