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Fake News: Professor just really fed up with projector remote

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ARTS BUILDING — Monday morning, tensions mounted between one professor and the audiovisual system in Arts 206, resulting in the subsequent cancellation of the class.

Enraged with the intermittently dimming projection and “difficult buttons,” he spent a considerable portion of the class comparing the technology and its installation in the classroom to a Maoist dictatorship.

Students were initially confused about whether or not the lecturer’s rant was a part of the course but quickly realized that the material presented through snivelling and tears would not be included on the final. One student*, who was not in class on the day of the incident but received lecture notes through Disability Services for Students, shared their insights.

“I was surprised by the notes from this lecture. Normally [this professor*] covers a lot of material in class, but after four points on the assumptions of constructivism, the information really derailed,” the student said.

Other students came forward to share their notes with the Sheaf on the incident. One excerpt read:

“We are living in a surveillance state. There is no autonomy — Big Brother is watching us through this tiny red button.”

The professor will be taking a leave of absence for the remainder of the term and hopes that, upon his return, the University of Saskatchewan will have at least considered his request to remove all digital technology from campus.

*The identities of the individuals involved in this incident have been concealed for their privacy.


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