The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.

Students of Usask – Edition 2: Make your own family of roommates

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Meagan Dietrich, second-year agriculture and bioresources
Roma Zulyniak, second-year arts and science
Olivia Kennedy
first-year agriculture and bioresources

How did you guys meet?

Meagan Dietrich: I met Roma in high school—
Roma Zulyniak: Actually, no, in elementary school. She used to come to band [class], and everyone would be like, ‘Oh my gosh, Meagan’s so pretty.’ Everyone in our school was obsessed with her — especially the boys.
MD: Yeah, elementary school, I guess. Olivia is our other roommate that we met this year, though.
Olivia Kennedy: I’m from Alberta, [and] they were the first people I met.

You said you’re from small towns — what do you guys think about living in the city together?

MD: I don’t think we’re ever bored — there’s always someone willing to do something fun. I really appreciate that.
RZ: I probably wouldn’t be confident to do new things [by] myself, without Meagan or Olivia coming along. It helps a lot [to have them].
MD: It would be boring without someone else to conquer things with — this year, especially. I just stepped out of my comfort zone with so many things. Do what makes you happy, and do what is important to you.
OK: I feel like I can be myself and wear weird clothes, here. Like every day, when I come into her room and Meagan’s like, ‘Oh, I love what you have on today.’ I would never have [worn these clothes] at home.
MD: You can be your own little butterfly, here, and just grow up — it’s nice.

What would you be missing without them in your life?

RZ: I probably wouldn’t be as silly, or maybe I wouldn’t be able to be myself as much.
OK: I would be missing the laughter we have — the random conversations we have in the kitchen.
MD: I think it’s crazy, because what I like the most about it all [is that] they kinda become a part of you. You kind of become each other. I find myself saying things they’d say or doing things they’d do — I would be lost [without them]. It’s kind of interesting and cool — you create your own family, here.

Photo and interview: Victoria Becker / Outreach Director

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