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Fake News: Local man lost among BoJack Horsemen at holiday party

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CITY PARK — Following a pre-emptive Halloween and birthday party fusion for philosophy student Allison Jenns, friends were surprised to discover they had all taken home the wrong men — and the popular animated television show  BoJack Horseman might be to blame.

What began as an innocent costume party took a turn for the worse when the heat of many bodies in a small home caused seven plastic horse masks to temporarily fuse to the faces of the men who all wore them as part of their respective costumes.

Though panic ensued, the initial shock was mostly quelled when the men realized that their forced immersion in costume allowed them to really dive into the complex and emotionally unavailable character they had all chosen to portray.

Jenns reports feeling “weird vibes” but ultimately decided to keep the party going.

“Usually, the guys aren’t much for parties, but this time they really let loose — I figured it would all be fine,” Jenns said.

It was not fine, Jenns later realized, when she discovered that six of the men involved had gone home with the wrong girlfriends and one was missing entirely. It is suspected that this individual is still in character and could be living out potentially damaging storylines around the City of Saskatoon.


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