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The Strange Hubbs Weekly Meme – Week of Oct. 12, 2017

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We live in a world where memes have real-life consequences. The mythical meme mixture known as Mulan Szechuan sauce was re-released on Oct. 7. McDonald’s has kept it on hiatus since 1998. There was not enough to go around, making the Rick-and-Morty-hyped Szechuan sauce a commodity. People were outraged and filed lawsuits. In this meme, a young man spends all his money on the mythical meme sauce. Will he share it with friends? Will he bathe in it? Who knows. All we know is that Gordon Ramsay can’t locate the Szechuan sauce! This is a current, semi-viscous sauce meme. I give it 1½ Golden Arches out of two.

Ahren Klaassen-Wright

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