How to stay active on your dates this fall

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Since winter is fast approaching, now is a good time to enjoy the nice weather while we still have it. The Sheaf has put together some fall activities for dates, hangouts or solo adventures to keep you active and out enjoying the weather.

Walks by the river: One of the best things about living in Saskatoon is that we have the beautiful Saskatchewan River running through the city. This is great, because if you go deep enough into the trees in some areas along the river, you can almost forget that you are in the middle of the city. During the fall, when the coloured leaves are falling all around us, the river is the most beautiful. You can take advantage of this beautiful place by going for a long walk, bicycle ride, roller blade or run on the paths by the river. I recommend the university area or the River Heights area, but all the areas around the river are beautiful at this time of year.

Scenic hike: If you are feeling a little bit more adventurous, you can plan a hike in a scenic area close to the city, like the Beaver Creek or Cranberry Flats conservation areas. Both places are just a short drive from the city and have trails to hike on. To make this a full day, you can bring a picnic lunch to enjoy the  outdoors as well.

Canoe or kayak rental: For couples looking to try something new while getting a workout in, renting a canoe or kayak to use on the river is a great idea. It costs around $40 to rent one for the day, and there are a few different places to rent in Saskatoon. Eb’s Source for Adventure and the CanoeSki Discovery Company both offer full-day rentals. All that paddling will give you a great workout, and it is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors while the weather is still good.

Yoga in a park: Another good couples’ activity is yoga, and a great place to do yoga is outside! There are a few different organizations in Saskatoon that hold free yoga lessons in parks around the city, but you can also grab your mats and head to the park on a nice day to do your own yoga. This is a good way to stay active when you are on a budget, because all you need is your mat — and if you don’t have one of those, you can always just practice on the grass or a towel.

Frisbee: Take to one of the beautiful parks in Saskatoon to play Frisbee. You could add this activity to any date — go for supper and then Frisbee, or stop during a walk to play Frisbee. If Frisbee is not your thing, you could play catch or kick a soccer ball around. I recommend Kinsmen Park or Gabriel Dumont Park, but you can find a park in the city!

Lyndsay Afseth / Staff Writer

Graphic: Jaymie Stachyruk