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Fake News: Local woman goes home with own thrice-used clothes following clothing swap

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VARSITY VIEW — The popular sustainable party trend among young professionals has taken a turn for the worst in Saskatoon, and participants are looking to freshen up the used-garment circuit.

Gill Briggs, a fourth-year undeclared student in the College of Arts and Science, reports that the change of seasons prompted her and her friends to organize a swap party.

“You know, with the weather getting colder and all  — and those three garbage bags of neglected knit sweaters in my closet from the last clothing swap — it felt like a good time to get everyone out,” Briggs said.

Briggs participates, on average, in about five clothing swaps per year. Though she has noticed that certain identical items have appeared more frequently in participants’ contributions, until now, she has chalked up the occurrence to pure coincidence.

“I mean, yeah, Becky usually brings the same bag of tired graphic tees, but I wasn’t expecting to show up and sort through a pile of my own grade-school regrets,” Briggs said.

Briggs hypothesizes that perhaps the clothing-swap trend just needs some extra supplementation.

“Maybe [the] next time we get together, everyone should go out and buy a few new things to bring for everyone else. That way, we won’t just be bringing the same bags of things no one wanted at the last swap,” Briggs said.

Until a solution is agreed upon, Briggs reports that she and her friends will not host another clothing swap, but they’ll come to yours, if only to unload 30 pounds of the hottest trends of 2014.


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