House Party splits hairs

By in Opinions

Louis’ House Party events are a staple in the University of Saskatchewan’s social scene, but this year’s inaugural bash might have missed its mark.

While the House Party typically spans from Louis’ Loft to the basement pub in the Memorial Union Building, this year, doors remained closed to the upper level.

The night felt, well, a little dead. Turn out was substantial, but nothing compared to the previous themed nights that have become a fixture of campus party life. What kept students away?

The night’s main attraction was comedy act Randy and Mr. Lahey, of Trailer Park Boys fame. Their act was divisive and featured some culturally appropriative, and really, just-plain-racist remarks.

Comedy on campuses is a contentious matter, with arguments for free speech often outweighing the lived experiences of minority groups. I think it’s worth considering, in the aftermath of this event, whether or not it’s really worth it to give acts like this space and time in an institution that should support and protect its student body.

Emily Migchels / Opinions Editor