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Fake News: “Semester going great,” Booze reports

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While the term is heating up for many students, academic advisor Lawrence Booze assures the Sheaf that from what he has seen, University of Saskatchewan students are doing a fine and healthy job of handling the stress and rigours of group projects and term papers.

“I haven’t seen a problem at all,” Booze said. “Sure, students are turning to me for support a lot more, but that’s to be expected. From where I stand, if they feel the need to lean on me to get through it all, so be it.”

Booze insists that students depending on him at this time of year is a perfectly normal cycle and it shouldn’t concern students or those close to them.

“What can I say, people know that turning to Booze is a reliable and viable solution to the majority of their problems,” Booze said.

Throughout his tenure at the U of S, Booze has been subject to criticism that he takes too close of a role in the lives of students, and some have suggested that severing ties with Booze has improved their lives. However, Booze argues that the intimate relationships he has with students are just evidence of the support he provides.

“I don’t come to the students — the students come to me,” Booze said. “I’m just here giving them the support they feel is necessary.”


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