Unique fitness classes to break exercise boredom

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As much as we like to talk about the benefits of regular exercise, let’s be real: working out is hard, especially when you’re bored with your workout. Fitness classes are a great way to kickstart your workout routine when you’re feeling uninspired.

In some ways, group classes take the thinking out of exercise. You just show up and sweat — no other planning on your part required. But like anything else, fitness classes can also become boring after a while. If you’re an avid fitness fan, maybe you’ve attended every damn spin class in the entire city. If you’re new to exercise, maybe traditional yoga classes bore the heck out of you.

Exercise Boredom - Jeremy Britz
Tired of running from your fitness goals? Try a group class instead!

No matter where you’re starting from, trying some new and interesting fitness classes can help you work towards a healthier you. Saskatoon has a wide variety of affordable, enjoyable and interesting fitness classes to choose from. Some are a little crazier than others, but all are something a little different from the norm.

1. Aerial silks at Club Mynx: Club Mynx offers a wide variety of alternative fitness classes ranging from pole dancing to “piloxing” — Pilates mixed with boxing. It’s their aerial classes that are the most fun, though. Aerial silks involves a series of artistic movements, all while suspended in the air from two pieces of fabric. Feel like you’re flying while attempting to be graceful, even if you’re totally not.

Although it may look delicate, aerial silks aren’t for the faint of heart. An intermediate fitness level is recommended for aerial silk classes. Classes run for six-week terms with once weekly classes.

2. Orangetheory Fitness: Orangetheory Fitness classes mix intervals of cardio and strength training, guaranteeing that you won’t get bored. Participants wear heart rate monitors to track their progress. The best part about Orangetheory? The first session is free.

3. Paddle Board Yoga at SUP Saskatoon: If regular yoga isn’t intense enough for you, give paddle board yoga a try. The basics of yoga remain the same, except now you’re doing it while trying to balance on a paddle board. You might risk getting wet, but you’ll also build great core strength and balance skills. SUP Saskatoon teaches classes on water all over the province from spring to fall.

4. Mat Class at Lead Pilates: Does anyone remember that episode of Corner Gas where Lacy tries to teach a Pilates class in Dog River but no one will go because they think it was invented by Pontius Pilate, the guy who ordered Jesus to be crucified? But it turns out that Wanda already teaches something called mat class, which is basically the same thing and everyone goes to that? No? Just me?

Anyway, Lead Pilates actually offers something called mat class. It’s just a regular old Pilates class, but I like that they call it mat class because it reminds me of a great TV show.

5. Underwater Hockey at YMCA Saskatoon: The name says it. The local YMCA apparently offers drop-in underwater hockey. What does this entail? You might need to get your feet wet to find out. All ages are welcome, and the class is free if you already have a YMCA membership.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the funky and alternative fitness class offerings in Saskatoon. Your gym might have a hidden gem, and the Physical Activity Complex on campus offers a wide range of options. This is just a starting point. Hopefully, you’ll find the fitness class that kickstarts your own personal wellness.

Emily Klatt / Sports & Health Editor

Photo: Jeremy Britz / Photo Editor