Forget dinner and a movie: Get creative

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Don’t get me wrong, the good old stand-by date of dinner and a movie is alright — but let’s be honest, it gets a little boring after awhile. So this Valentine’s Day, the Sheaf is here to help you get a little more creative with your date!

1. Three course meal at different locations: Instead of staying at the same restaurant for your entire meal, pick three different places to go and divide them up based on courses — appetizers and a drink at one, entrees at another and dessert at the last. This is a great way to have some fun with your meal and explore more of Saskatoon. Pick places across the city from each other, or right next door — either way it’ll keep your date from becoming stagnant and boring!

2. Be a local tourist: Whether you’ve lived in Saskatoon your whole life or you’ve just moved here, spend the day with your date as tourists. Scope out the most touristy spots in Saskatoon, such as the Western Development Museum, 20th Street or a show at Persephone Theatre. Be open mvdaydateideas-06inded and explore the city — you might find there’s more to do in Saskatoon than it lets on!

3. Trivia night: Engage in some friendly competition and impress your date with your knowledge during one of Saskatoon’s trivia nights. Various locations in Saskatoon have trivia nights, such as Fionn MacCool’s, Winston’s English Pub & Grill and even right here on campus at the University of Saskatchewan. This is a relaxed setting, bound to help make your date extra fun.

4. Deadlock Escape: Deadlock Escape is a live action escape game, where teams must use the elements of the room and clues to escape the room in an allotted amount of time. To participate in Deadlock Escape you need a minimum amount of people, usually three, so this activity is best done as a double date for those adventurous enough. There are a number of scenarios with various levels of difficulty and fear, so you can book what best suits you, your date and team.

5. Karaoke: Get the booze flowing and free your inner Madonna, because karaoke is the perfect date to let loose and have fun! Whether on a group date or one-on-one, karaoke is offered at various locations across Saskatoon. If you are feeling brave enough to sing not only in front of your date but also an entire room full of people, Flint at 259 2nd Avenue South hosts karaoke every Sunday night. However, if you’re feeling a little shy or want more privacy, Rocksugar and Karaoke Box at #7 3110 8th Street East has a private karaoke room, so you and your date can enjoy only each other’s company and drunken singing.

6. Day trip: Pack up some snacks, bring along some good CDs and hit the road, because what better way is there to spend the day than exploring the beautiful prairies with the person you’re totally crushing on. Rather than going on a longer trip, day trips are still a great way to get away from it all and find some seclusion with your partner, while still saving money. Some great places to make a day trip from Saskatoon are Pike Lake, the Crooked Bush, Cranberry Flats and Beaver Creek — and these are just a few!

7. Local brewery tour: Saskatoon has a number of local breweries producing great beer, some of which offer tours. Lucky Bastard Distillers, located at 814 47th Street East, offers free tours and tastings during business hours that come with up to five complimentary samples of their products. This is a great opportunity to learn something new with your date as well as support local businesses. To book a free tour for you and your date, head to

Bridget Morrison / Culture Editor

Graphic: Lesia Karalash / Graphics Editor