Let’s get technical: TV shows about technology

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In a world that is becoming more technological as each day passes, it’s only natural that TV shows reflect this. From depressing sci-fi to quirky British comedy, the Sheaf has put together a list of shows about either technology, science or computers that are must-sees — and don’t worry, you don’t have to be a geek to watch them.

First on the list — and my personal favourite — is Mr. Robot. With Rami Malek, the series’ lead actor, winning the 2016 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, this show has been gaining more and more attention recently, and rightfully so.

Mr. Robot is a drama-thriller, which follows the story of Elliot Alderson (Malek), a cyber-security engineer whose behaviours are driven by delusions and paranoia techtvshows-05and who some say suffers from dissociative identity disorder or schizophrenia. Alderson is recruited by a man known as “Mr. Robot” — played by Christian Slater — who is an insurrection anarchist, to join his hacker group called “fsociety.” The hope of this group is to erase all debts by bringing down the large corporation known as E-Corp.

This show is heavy and may take an intense toll on you, but it’s definitely worth it. Mr. Robot easily lives up to all the hype surrounding it.

Second on the list is the British comedy, The IT Crowd. Beginning in 2006, the show consisted of four seasons with six episodes each, as well as one episode special which concluded the show in 2013.

The show takes place in London and is set in the fictional offices of Reynholm Industries. It follows both the professional and personal lives of the three staff members of the IT department — which are awkward, unfortunate and hilarious all mixed together. 

Starring Chris O’Dowd, who is more commonly known for this work on the TV show Girls and the film Bridesmaids, The IT Crowd is perfect for students needing a laugh. I do warn you, British humour isn’t for everyone — it consists of a lot of sarcasm and self-deprecation — but sometimes that’s just what one needs.

Third on the list is yet again, another British show. Horizon is a documentary TV series that is now, in 2016, in its 52nd season and consists of over 1,200 episodes overall.

Although Horizon covers the broad topics of science and philosophy and not all episodes revolve around the topic of technology, there are many that do. Each episode is 50 minutes and it is a great series to check out if you want to relax but keep your brain engaged and your mind sharp.

With over 1,200 episodes, there’s bound to be a topic discussed that interests you. Not only will this show transform you into a walking information and random fact dispenser, but it will also help you excel in your classes — give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

Last on the list, and one I feel I have to mention, is the well-known Silicon Valley. Just renewed for a fourth season in 2017, the show follows six young men who founded a start-up company in Silicon Valley.

Starring Thomas Middleditch, this is the ultimate geek show. As someone who isn’t as nerdy as most, a lot of the jokes about technology go over-my-head. But, if you know your computer and technology lingo, I promise you’ll get a couple of laughs.

Whether you are a science and technology geek or not even in the slightest, all of these shows have something to offer you. From laughs to facts to dramatic plots, next time you can’t decide what to watch, give one of these shows a try!

Bridget Morrison / Culture Editor

Graphic: Lesia Karalash / Graphics Editor