Four Halloween beverages that will make you shriek

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With Halloween around the corner, students can participate in the festivities by stirring up these four alcoholic or non-alcholic, affordable and simple concoctions. These drinks are bound to bring the Halloween spirit to any party you attend or a night at home by yourself or with friends!

For students wanting to stay home and watch Halloween classics, these two non-alcoholic drinks are perfect for staying cozy. The first of these recipes is an affordable pumpkin pie steamer. This hot drink only takes three ingredients: apple butter, milk and pumpkin pie spice.

Be the life of the party by bringing Halloween themed drinks to an event this season.

For students still figuring out how to cook, this is a foolproof recipe, as all it requires is heating up the ingredients in a saucepan and mixing them together. The recipe can be found at for further instructions if needed. For a little Instagram aesthetic, try snapping a photo of it in a mason jar — it doesn’t get much better than that!

The second non-alcoholic recipe was born from the classic fandom of Harry Potter. There are many different butterbeer recipes online, but one that is sure to satisfy is the recipe found on The ingredients you will need are brown sugar, butter, salt, heavy cream, cider vinegar, water, rum extract and cream soda.

Unfortunately, you cannot make this recipe with a simple flick of the wand but the directions are fairly straightforward. It requires combining the ingredients in a saucepan and using an electric mixer to whip the cream. The taste of butterbeer is sure to make the night magical. This recipe is great for throwing a wizard party — students from all houses will want a taste.

For students that are throwing or attending a Halloween party, jello shots are a must. This Halloween season give candy corn jello shots a try — they are sure to liven up the party with vibrant colors and of course, vodka.

This recipe takes a bit more time because the jello requires refridgeration, so be sure to make this the night before the party. This recipe is simple because it only requires mixing the gelatin, the jello and the liquids in a bowl and then putting the mixture into shot glasses.

The ingredients needed are lemon jello, orange jello, unflavored gelatin, boiling water, vodka, cool whip and optional sprinkles. This recipe is for candy corn lovers and haters alike as it doesn’t actually taste like candy corn — it tastes like vodka. The instructions can be found on

An alcoholic beverage that will make you feel a spooky buzz is this witch’s cocktail. The green glow is bound to make your guests hesitate but don’t worry, there is no eye of newt in this brew.

The ingredients required for this recipe are lime gelatin, pineapple juice, boiling water, lemon-lime flavored soda and last but not least, vodka. This simple recipe only requires you to stir in the gelatin mix with boiling water and then add in the other liquids and wait for the substance to cool. For the perfect witch aesthetic be sure to pour this ghoulish drink in a wine glass. The recipe can be found at

These four drinks are just some of the many recipes you can find online and create this season. Whether students are planning to host a party for friends, staying in to give candy to trick-or-treaters or having a horror movie marathon until dawn, these beverages will hit the spot. Remember to enjoy Halloween responsibly no matter what the plans and Happy Halloween!

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Photo: Deji Fadero