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Fake News: Geology classmate needs notes from yesterday

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THORVALDSON 271 — In a mass-email statement released in the late evening of Sept. 28, undeclared first-year student Lisa Combole issued an urgent plea for that day’s Geology 115 lecture notes.

“Hey guys, sorry to bug you all,” Combole said. “I’ve just been really sick the last few days and I wasn’t able to make it to class this morning. Can someone send me their notes?”

Anticipating the inevitable pushback, Combole was quick to jump on the defensive about the benefits of sharing notes.

“I’ll buy you a coffee some time and I would totally do the same for you if you needed it some day,” Combole said.

The nature and severity of Combole’s illness — while heavily speculated — have yet to be disclosed. Combole was unavailable for comment, but sources close to her informed the Sheaf that she is “taking it easy” and “getting some rest.”


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