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How to spend your spare time this summer

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  1. Binge watch Dr. Oz.

  2. Befriend the weird neighbour next door.

  3. Write a musical about Alexander Hamilton.

  4. Have a Paul Giamatti movie marathon.

  5. Practice doing the really fast part from Eminem’s “Rap God.”

  6. Train to finally fight your dad and win for a change.

  7. Discover a new fetish on Pornhub.

  8. Install the Sims on your laptop so you can be in control of your life for a change.

  9. Finally get around to reading Life of Pi.

  10. Start a podcast about silent movies.

  11. Become a Radiohead fan.

  12. Plan an extravagant road trip that you can’t afford with student loans.

  13. Take a summer class so you can ruin both summer and university.


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