Bring out your creative persona with do-it-yourself décor

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At one point in our elementary and high school careers, we were all faced with the task of creating art out of a very odd and random collection of materials. Today, it’s finally time to put those skills to the test and let your creativity run wild, by creating your own home décor.

Apartment DIY - Jeremy BritzStart off with something simple by hanging a flag. Flags often have unique designs that can easily put some colour on plain walls. Choose to show off your national pride, display your heritage or use this opportunity to remind yourself of all the places you’ve been or want to go. The flag doesn’t have to belong to a country either — perhaps you’d like to display a unique interest by hanging a naval flag, or show off the colors of your favorite sports team. The possibilities are endless.

Open the doors for brilliant design and use temporary Japanese washi tape to liven up your house. Available at Michaels, this tape comes in a variety of colours and styles, so you can mix and match.

Frame your posters or pictures with some washi tape, allowing them to pop out from the wall. Unlike other frames, using washi tape enables you to make the exact shape and style of frame you want, with very few restrictions. Washi tape can also be used to decorate regular old light switch covers. Stray away from the pure white and jazz it up! Remember, a little can go a long way.

In many apartments, shelving space is limited, and purchasing your own units can be pricey, especially on a student budget. Crates, although potentially tricky to get a hold of, can make great impromptu shelves. Use adhesive spray and decorative paper to liven up the inside of a crate and hang it from the wall, if allowed. For more detailed instructions, visit the acclaimed decorating blog Design*Sponge and search for the article entitled “DIY Wednesdays: Wine Crate Display Cases.”

It’s safe to say that garbage cans aren’t the most glamorous of all household items. However, that doesn’t mean they have to look dull and dreary. In fact, they can be brightened up in a variety of ways. Cover up the sides with wallpaper of your choice, or combine several patterns for a collage. Another idea would be to grab a hot glue gun and yarn and cover up the garbage can in some colourful material to brighten up even the darkest of rooms.

Last but certainly not least on the list of do-it-yourself home decor is the soup can. Any can has the possibility of being so much more than just a simple soup container, so start collecting your Campbell’s for the sake of creativity. 

The first step is to remove all labels and clean your cans thoroughly before beginning any crafts. To get rid of that stubborn strip of adhesive left behind, try soaking the can in hot water for a while to let the glue soften before you scrub.

Need some stationery holders, or somewhere to store cutlery in the kitchen other than the drawer? Decorate soup cans with paint, paper, half-marbles or even fabric to your heart’s content. For a homemade candle holder, punch holes in the sides of your can and let the light shine through like a lantern. The ideas are endless, but be sure to have clean-cut cans to prevent scrapes and cuts.

For a do-it-yourself planter, punch a few holes in the bottom of a slightly crushed paint can and you’ve got yourself the start of a lovely planter — bust out your brushes and paints and go wild. If you need some design inspiration to get started, Google the Family Chic blog and find the “Crushed Can Planter” article.

With finals just around the corner and the end of the school year in sight, take some breathing time and create some do-it-yourself décor. Relieve your stress and make your house a home.

Photo: Jeremy Britz / Graphics Editor