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Sugar & Spice advice column: Feb. 25, 2016 Edition

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Q: I spent my whole break doing literally nothing. What do I do now to get caught up? I should not have wasted my time. #regrets. — Lin-Marie

Sugar: Oh honey, it’s not too late! You just need to apply yourself a little harder in the next couple of weeks. Don’t forget how much your grades matter. C’s may get degrees, but A’s are the true baes.

Spice: Oh poor thing. You think you’re the only one who did jack shit over the break? Get over yourself. Life’s tough — get a helmet.

Q: I want to write a new book. Any ideas for a plot? — Yan

Sugar: I’ve been toying with this one idea. A man kills his wife in order to steal her inheritance money, but he realizes afterwards that she hadn’t finalized the paperwork, so he has to resurrect her from the dead. I’m thinking the title could be The Corpse Bride. What do you think of that?

Spice: Trapped in a life-raft with Kanye — Life of Pablo.

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