Healthy cooking with full-time medical student, part-time chef

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IMG_2114For Kristian Hundseth, healthy eating was not always a habit. Five years ago, the second-year University of Saskatchewan medical student made the decision to change his lifestyle for the better. He started exercising, taught himself how to cook healthy meals and has lost more than 80 pounds in the process — and kept it off. This summer he made the move to vegetarianism and he isn’t looking back.

While some might think the workload of medical school leaves one with little time to shop and cook healthy meals, Kristian doesn’t see it that way. He sees cooking as a stress reliever, something he enjoys during study breaks. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Kristian worked his magic in the kitchen, creating a three-course vegan meal that will leave your mouth watering.



“When I first started, I couldn’t cook anything. I’d burn half my stuff and it didn’t look anything like the picture. But if you just keep doing it, eventually you get to the point where it’s not that hard anymore.”


“I think the biggest thing when trying to eat healthier is cooking for yourself. It is such an important life skill, too.”

Follow Kristian on Instagram for more meals and inspiration at @CookingwithKristian. To view the recipes he used, go to and or see Thug Kitchen by Matt Holloway and Michelle Davis.

Photos: Caitlin Taylor / Photo Editor