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Sugar & Spice advice column: November 27, 2015 edition

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Q: My friend is trying to set me up on a blind date because I’ve been single for awhile now. Should I go? Are blind dates super awkward? — Josh

Sugar: Coincidentally dear, love is blind and discovered through the heart. Let yourself be surprised with what your friend has lined up for you. Situations are only awkward if you make them so.

Spice: Don’t do it. I went on a blind date once and it was the worst experience of my life. Let’s just say love is blind, but I’m not.

Q: I want a pet but my apartment building doesn’t allow animals. Should I still get one and just hide it really well? Like a dog that doesn’t shed and isn’t loud. — Dora

Sugar: Excellent question! Unfortunately, even a quiet dog will likely make noise if you lock it up and hide it as you seem to be suggesting. Dora, it seems that you may need to start exploring other options. I hear pet plants are low maintenance and can really liven up even the most depressing apartment!

Spice: Some things that you can’t hide with a dog: it’s stinky breath and interest in licking your mouth, along with the constant need to be walked, petted and fed. Now in helping you decide on a pet, doesn’t a cat sound much more appealing?

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