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Sugar & Spice advice column: October 8, 2015 edition

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Q: I need a job but I have no work experience! Nobody will hire me so far. Should I make a fake résume or is that illegal? — Marsha

Sugar: When it comes to finding a job, it can be quite easy to make a target resume that emphasizes your skills for that specific position. Want to be a librarian? Emphasize that you work well with books. Want to be a bartender? Mention that you come from a family of alcoholics so you’re used to dealing with drunks. Evaluate your skills and you’ll be invincible!

Spice: Well, you know what they say — it’s not illegal unless you get caught.

Q: I’ve noticed an increasing trend of people talking on their cell phones in the bathroom — especially while they’re going to the bathroom. While a person may perceive they have more privacy, I also want some privacy when I’m voiding my bladder. It’s awkward, gross and extremely inappropriate. What’s the appropriate response? Do I say something? — Leigha

Sugar: Gently tap on the stall door and ask the person on the phone to put their caller on speakerphone so you can address this situation as a group. Remember to use “I feel” sentences to ensure you don’t come off as overly aggressive.

Spice: Oh, get over it. You’re in university now. If someone hasn’t listened to you going to the bathroom, you haven’t truly lived.

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