Active date ideas for the adventurous couple

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While movie nights and making dinner are definitely enjoyable, there are many activities that Saskatoon and the surrounding area has to offer that make great dates.

Whether it’s getting sweaty together or using teamwork to accomplish a task, these activities will allow you to have a little fun before all of your dates become homework ones.

Here’s a list of some active dates that you and your partner can try. Whether you’re a sporty couple or not, it’s always fun to try something new together or to enjoy the weather while it lasts.

1. Beaver Creek: this is a little oasis located just 13 kilometres south of Saskatoon. Beaver Creek has four hiking trails, all varying in time length from 20 minutes to an hour. The scenery is beautiful and nature is all around you; it’s a great way to escape the city, even just for an afternoon. Pack a backpack filled with yummy snacks, lots of water and a picnic blanket so that you can enjoy a full day there, soaking in the gorgeous sights of fall.

2. Trying out a hot yoga class together can be a lot of fun and very challenging! If both of you are new to yoga, catch a beginner’s class at a studio in the city. Many studios will offer discounts for newcomers and/or students. This can be what you make of it; either it becomes a hilarious experience to laugh about as you both struggle through balance poses or it’s a great way to take a study break together and clear your mind.

3. Tennis! This is a great sport to try leisurely or to engage in as some friendly competition. Grab another couple for a double date and try your hand at teamwork, or face your partner in a singles match. All students have access to the tennis courts on campus, which are near the Education Building, with their student card.

4. For something really different, the Apex Trampoline Park in Saskatoon is a great option. Jump it out and maybe even show off a flip or two; this is sure to have you two smiling and laughing. It’s great for group dates also, as there’s open jump times and private booking available.

5. A classic but nonetheless enjoyable date is going for a stroll or a bike ride along the South Saskatchewan River. There are many trails with benches to stop at along the way, so you two can sit down and soak in the view together. For a throwback twist, grab a couple old pairs of rollerblades and roll your way along the river.

6. If you’re up for a date that takes you off the ground, rock climbing is a good option. Of course, there’s the rock wall at the Physical Activity Complex on campus, but other locations in Saskatoon like Grip It Indoor Rock Climbing have lots of rock walls and options for new and advanced climbers.

7. If you don’t like dates that require workout clothes, try getting dressed up and going dancing — and no, I’m not talking about the Hudson’s dance floor. The University of Saskatchewan Ballroom Dancing Club hosts both formal and informal dances, which you can attend with a club member for $10. If you don’t know any club members, you and your partner can consider becoming members! This is a fun way to test out your dancing skills or to even learn something new.

8. Although a little more on the leisurely side, the Strawberry Ranch just outside of Saskatoon has its annual fall corn maze, which is a fun and festive activity. You can work together to find your way through the maze or maybe just get lost for awhile and enjoy each other’s company.

If all else fails and you don’t feel like leaving your house as the weather turns colder, I’ve heard that a roll in the hay burns a surprising amount of calories. Either way, use these suggestions to spice up your relationship, get in some physical activity and maybe even enjoy the outdoors while you’re at it.

Naomi Zurevinski / Editor-in-Chief

Graphic: Jeremy Britz / Graphics Editor