Karen Chad awarded second term as vice-president research

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The University of Saskatchewan has appointed Karen Chad for a second term as the vice-president research.

Chad’s five-year term will begin on Jan. 1, 2015. Before being named vice-president research in 2010, Chad was the associate vice-president of research for five years. During both terms she has also served as a faculty member in the College of Kinesiology.

The Board of Governors approved the reappointment in late May following a recommendation from a 14-person committee that included staff, faculty, students and a member of the board.

The vice-president of research is responsible for creating strategies to develop the university’s research, scholarly and artistic environment while fostering innovation in those areas, representing U of S research at provincial, national and international levels and overseeing the management of and policy development for university research activities.

Since Chad’s first term as vice-president research began, there have been many research facilities created on the U of S campus such as the Centre for Innovations in Cyclotron Science, the Global Institute for Water Security and the Global Institute for Food Security. 

Over the next five years, Chad will continue to work on improving and increasing services to researchers while creating more opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research.

Chad’s two main research interests are women’s health and the body’s metabolic and endocrinological adaptations to changes in nutrition, physical activity and disease. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada recognized Chad’s work by presenting her with the Leadership Award in Heart Health Policy in 2007. 

Chad’s research interests are highly present in the undergraduate courses she teaches, with nutrition, the cardiovascular system and the effects of physical activity coming to the forefront of most of her classes. Her graduate courses largely focus on the effects of physical activity and strength training on certain demographics such as children, women and older individuals.

The U of S Students’ Union has presented Chad with the Teaching Excellence Award for the academic years of 1993–94 and 2000–01. Chad also received a similar award, Excellence in Teaching and Research, from the university for 1990–95, 1998–99 and 2001–02, as well as the Master Teacher Award in 2005.

Chad’s own life has been rooted in the U of S. She received her Bachelor of Science in physical education in 1980 and a Bachelor of Education the following year. In 1990 she returned as an assistant professor for the then-College of Physical Education after she received her Master’s of Arts degree and Ph.D. at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. After 12 years as an assistant professor, Chad was promoted to a full-time professor in the College of Kinesiology.