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Live music and visual art come together in PAVED’s Core series

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An example of how Teichert and Neil do their live video work.
An example of how Teichert and Neil do their live video work.

PAVED Art Gallery’s Core series returns for its third run, combining visuals and live music in a strikingly intimate setting on Nov. 29 and 30.

The Core series is centered around the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. The musicians play prepared and improvised music live, alongside video art, for an immersive artistic experience.

These accompanying videos are either created by the artist to match it up with the music or are previously created works that fit the theme. In the subheading for its third iteration, the series describes its theme as “Process/Failure.”

The videos themselves could even fail on the spot during the shows.

“In this event there is a lot more risk in the visual performance. Three of the pieces will have the filmmakers and video artists changing their visuals as the music is performed,” said Erin Brophey, co-creator of Core and performer with SSO. “With film this is very unique, as it can break in the projector. Technically, this is the most challenging series we have done so far.”

PAVED is looking to provide a different side of the art world that is not otherwise offered in Saskatoon galleries. This has always been done through their visual art, but Core III adds something special to that formula.

“For audiences,  it’s a chance to see and hear the orchestra with visual accompaniment in a way they’ve never experienced before. Both the audio and visual are enhanced by each other,” Brophey said.

This is true of what PAVED wants to deliver with each and every show they put on. They want the show to be completely different, refreshing and uncomparable to the last one. That mentality has PAVED seeking out constant new collaborators for their shows, which is what originally brought them together with the SSO to create Core III.

“PAVED is always excited to find new partnerships that create unique opportunities for artists from different disciplines to create new work together. Core III is a great example of that and the Saskatoon Symphony has been really supportive,” Brophey said. “We are both based on 20th Street West, so it’s fun working with a neighbor and hosting the event in our shared community.”

 A sample of some of the imagry being offered.
A sample of some of the imagery being offered.

Brophey has stressed that no two works will be close to the same; all of them will present something that is unparalleled.

The works in this series come from Ontario artists Alice Teichert and Hri Neil, who do live video drawings that combine both forms of live art and recorded in a way that begs to be seen. Another piece is done on a Super 8 film camera and requires three projectors playing simultaneously to create the video.

Core III is sure to offer a completely original experience that can’t be had at any other forum in Saskatoon. Brophey anticipates that attendees will leave looking at art in a new light.

“We try to dissolve the wall between performers and audiences, so beyond the performance it is a very social evening,” Brophey said.

“Taking a chance on seeing a performance like this will often open up people to discover things they never knew they liked.”

Core III takes place at PAVED Art Gallery on Nov. 29 and 30. Tickets are available at

Photo: Supplied by Alice Teichert and Hri Neil

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