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Fewer reasons to attend Louis’

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Louis' Trivia

Louis’ Trivia Night, a popular weekly games night for the past three years, was recently booted from the Louis’ event lineup due to complaints over remarks made during one evening’s show. For lack of a better phrase, this sucks.

Those of you who don’t know what Louis’ is are probably already spending your money at another pub or you likely don’t have any kind of on-campus social life. So let’s pause a moment and raise our two dollar draft in memory of the good times.

Louis’ Trivia was a rambunctious spectacle and a comedic performance put on for our student body consistently for the past three years. As an evening of fun and exciting antics, Trivia Night was anticipated every week by many. In regards to the evening’s comedic performance, Trivia Night’s crass nature was embraced. But apparently not everyone felt this way, hence the complaints that brought down the event.

The nature of these complaints have yet to be fully disclosed, though allegedly an abortion joke may have led to the termination of Trivia. But I wonder: how do these assertions outweigh the fact that Trivia Night is a booze fueled gong show intending no harm to anyone whatsoever?

Could this unnecessary drama bomb have been diffused through dialogue between the accidentally injured parties and the main hosts? Maybe those involved should have worked together to address concerns and improve the community as a whole. I guess this was too difficult to do, as that would be reasonable and a university is no place for the exercising of one’s logical reasoning skills.

Naturally, we understand that not all patrons jive with crass and crude styles of humour. Indeed, if somebody was not expecting the crude banter that saturated these nights, they may end up with hurt feelings.

For example, if you had the answer to a question asked, you would hold up a “mountain peak” gesture: hands together above your head. If you could not get one of the countless and insufferable Pokemon questions, you could demand a hint and hold up a “fuck off” gesture: middle finger or an X above your head. As well, the crowds would heckle the hosts and the hosts would heckle right back with such things as childish insults, foul language and suggestive themes among other innuendos.

I have spent the last three years of my life as an entertainer. For the most part the crowds I’ve dealt with have enjoyed my bullshit, though sometimes select members would be offended. But I have never been forbidden from performing, nor have my words as a performer caused a popular weekly event to be canned from a venue.

Alas, Trivia Night will no longer be a regular event for the pleasure of the attendees. We fans thank the hosts of Louis’ Trivia from the bottom of our hearts and mourn this management decision.

It is said that when one sense dies, our other senses are heightened to make up for the shortcoming. Indeed, having no sense of humour grows ones sense of self-importance to Trivia-ruining proportions.

So let us remember Trivia Night for what it was: a college-level games night constructed for a mature audience with a sense of humour. The questions were challenging, the contest and prizes rewarding and the team names ranged from cliquey to dark to horrendously mundane.

Finally, let’s remember the audience and hosts who both created dynamically satiric, tongue-in-cheek evenings of fun. Truly, Trivia Night was thoroughly delightful.

Photo: Jordan Dumba/Photo Editor

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