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USSU Election Poster Madness Round 1: Cast your vote!

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It’s USSU election season and, let’s face it, there’s only one thing anyone really cares about: campaign posters. You know, those things so heavily plastered on the walls you start to wonder if there actually was a wall underneath to begin with.

You’ve seen them. They’re impossible to miss. So now it’s time to vote and pick this year’s best poster.

Scan through the match-ups below and cast your vote for each of the seven head-to-head competitions. Once this round of voting is complete on Monday, we’ll put up round two and start the process all over again until you decide this year’s ultimate poster.

Try to judge the posters on aesthetic value, campaign message, hilarity or cool-factor. After all, we don’t want to turn this into a big popularity contest — that’s what the actual elections are for.

Harlem Shake N' Bake VS Wild Rose Party

Stare Down VS Hypnotize

Cozy Sweater VS Superman??

Is That Lipstick VS Captain Clip Art

I Made A Maxtape VS Renaissance Man

Ms. Airplane Room VS Mr. Airplane Room

Soft Rock Album VS Editors' Pick

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