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Fringe review: Big Shot

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"I'm enjoying the lack of heroin in this room."
Big Shot is an impressive one man show written and preformed by Jon Lachlan Stewart. Stewart is one of the talents behind last year’s hot Death: Live and returns to grace our stage and city in fine form. Big Shot is a fast paced character piece involving six different personalities, intertwined against the backdrop of Vancouver during an ongoing pitch for a new action movie.

Stewart is mesmerizing and has full command of the audience as he unveils each character throughout the performance, presenting their faults and layers to us, akin to peeling an onion. Stewart is not only able to bring life to each character, but personality as well, keeping you engaged and immersed throughout the performance.

Stewart’s face and body transform in front of the audience as he journies with them into their own private world. Each new character that Stewart reveals is compelling and unique, as the audience is forced on an fast paced adventure where the story is unravelled like a magic ball of yarn.

A few of Stewart’s standout characters include Killiger, a recovering drug addict, and Odo san, an elderly, sage-like Japanese man. Watching Stewart effortlessly turn from the gruff voiced, fidgety, fast-talking Killiger to the slow talking, wisdom spewing old man is a real treat.

Big Shot is bold and impassioned piece of theatre that keeps the audience’s attention and leaves them wanting more after its completion.

Big Shot is being performed at Victoria School’s Upstairs Auditorium. As always, you can check out for additional details on showtimes and dates.

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