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Fringe review: It’s Been Taken

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The brostalgia is palpable!
It’s Been Taken is a new bromance comedy written by local actors Nathan Howe and Morgan Murray through their company Bzzzt! Trap Door Theatre. The play follows two geeky slackers Aiden (Murray) and Theodore (Howe) who own a local comic book shop, Hero Haven and are about to be evicted and face the harsh reality of the world that lies outside their safety bubble.

This play serves as a poster child for the burgeoning popularity and acceptance of the geek subculture. It is an amalgamation of references, homages and video game music that will make any self respecting geek squeal with joy. Particular examples include Home Alone style traps and a hilarious takeoff on the fighting dynamics of Mortal Kombat. It’s Been Taken will grab hold of your inner child and take you on a nostalgic rollercoaster ride, touching your heart and leaving you howling with laughter.

As both actors and writers, Morgan and Howe play well off each other and create instant chemistry. As the audience watches the duo struggle to save their business and protect their integrity, Morgan brings a level of charm to Aiden as he portrays a grounded self-aware slacker who just wants to sell comics and play video games. Howe, on the other hand, presents a quiet insanity as Theodore, a character who likes to stay in his own world, avoid phone calls and if at all possible, set up Home Alone traps to stop potential intruders while keeping himself amused.

The play is well directed by Charlie Peters, who keeps the friendship and story of Aiden and Theodore grounded amidst the surreal and absurd world that the two characters inhabit.

This play is a lovely comic break if you want to tickle your funny bone, reminisce about your past and escape your own harsh reality for sixty minutes.

It’s Been Taken is playing at the Cosmo Senior Centre and you can check out for details on showtimes.

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