BRIEF: Northern education investment

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A $250,000 investment to advance northern educational programs and initiatives was announced Nov. 12. The investment from the Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration is to be implemented by the U of S International Centre for Northern Governance and Development. The majority of the funds will go towards a masters program in Northern Governance and Development.

“This represents a real commitment on behalf of the Ministry and the government to work towards affecting real change in Saskatchewan’s northern communities,” said director of ICNGD Greg Poelzer in a press release.

In the same press release, Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Chief Guy Lonechild said a dedicated investment in research and education for the North is long overdue.

“I’m certain that educational opportunities like the Masters program will build upon knowledge and expertise of northerners and lead to innovative solutions to the issues that confront them every day.”

The most important consequence of the Masters program is that it allows northerners the opportunity to study in their northern communities.

Nathan Ray, a resident from Sandy Bay, is currently taking the MNGD Masters program from his hometown.

“I value the program because it provides distance education to northern communities which will open so many doors — especially for individuals with families who cannot move to the city to further their education,” said Ray in the press release.