EcoBash: Partying for a good cause

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We all love an excuse to party.

We especially love it if it just so happens that we are partying for a good cause. Ecobash gives us that grand opportunity.

As far as fundraisers go, the Environmental Studies Students’ Association’s Ecobash has consistency on its side, the upcoming show being its fifth year running. The event features bands from Saskatchewan and usually draws a positive amount of people.

“Each year we choose some sort of environmental initiative to give the proceeds to,” said ESSA president Megan Van Buskirk. “And this year it is Ducks Unlimited and the Chappell Marsh project. Basically it’s just going to be an interpretive centre in the southwest part of Saskatoon.”

The Chappell Marsh project, which is just starting to gain momentum, is a good match for ESSA’s fundraising since it is a local initiative that people care about. In addition to being a locally geared project, it helps conserve the wetlands in a way that people can appreciate and utilize.

“My vision is that it is going to be kind of like Beaver Creek with little trails and signs so that people know a little bit more about the wildlife and plant species that are in the area,” said Van Buskirk. “They’re just trying to conserve the wetlands that are in that area, as well as trying to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands and why we need to keep them.”

The rock bands billed at this year’s Ecobash are Moose Jaw’s Brainsauce, Saskatoon’s Autopilot and Emmett Hall. The show, which has traditionally been held at Louis’, has switched venues.

“We moved it to Amigos this year,” said Van Buskirk. “We are really excited because it is a great venue for us.”

In addition to featuring local bands and supporting a local initiative, the event will also include prizes from Ducks Unlimited and some local businesses. Attendees can enter to win a variety of outdoorsy, presumably eco-friendly swag. Like backpacks. Or binoculars. Good, right? We can use them to go hiking at the new Ducks Unlimited conservatory.

People interested in what ESSA can join for $5 and become even better people.

“We’re mainly a social club for students who are interested in the environment, we’re interdisciplinary so there’s a mix. Anybody can join.”

The ESSA participates in a variety of other programs that are geared toward improving the state of the environment, partaking in the Great Canadian Shoreline clean up this year and promoting events like World Rivers Day.

Ecobash is by far ESSA’s biggest event of the year and it takes place on a Thursday so dust off your party boots early that week.

Ecobash will be at Amigos on Nov. 18. Tickets are $15 for members and $20 at the door.