A guide to getting free stuff during Welcome Week

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What’s better than going back to school? Getting free stuff for going back to school.

During the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union Welcome Week from Sept. 8 to 10, students have many opportunities to pick up swag. This guide will make sure you’re in the right place at the right time to get those freebies.

Mini donuts

If you haven’t noticed already, SaskTel is giving out free mini donuts in front of Place Riel. You can find this mainstay of welcome week in their trusty spot every year, and though the line-up may seem daunting, you don’t want to miss out on these fresh, hot donuts.


What’s better than free mini donuts? A free iPad, of course. The University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union is giving away three iPads this year. This contest is just for welcome week and you can enter to win in the bowl.

Survival calendar

While not as exciting as iPads and mini donuts, the survival calendars that the USSU prints every year are more exciting than they might seem at first. Sure, they’re peppered with advertisements, but the coupons at the back are hard to beat: Free cover for dollar draft night at Louis’ on Tuesday? You might want to grab more than one just for the coupons. Grab yours fast, they have run out of calendars in the past.

Energy drinks

School may have just started but I’m already feeling tired. I know I’ll be heading to the C95 booth in the bowl to grab one of their free energy drinks.

Cold hard cash

Chug that energy drink and use the extra steam to grab some money from C95’s money booth. The website ehow.com suggests spraying your hands with hairspray to make them stickier, focusing on one bill at a time and to go for the bills near the ceiling as they tend to hover before they fall back down again.

Win $500 tuition

Still not entirely sure how you’re going to pay for classes this term? The Edwards School of Business is offering students the chance to win $500 off their tuition. Find their booth in the bowl.

The basics

You can also pick up some more mundane free items in the bowl this week. The Ministry of Health will be giving you a chance to win backpacks and mugs, and the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association is giving out lipbalm and pens.


The Huskies just toppled the top-ranked University of Calgary Dinos. To celebrate their win and the Huskies first home game of the season at the Potash Corp Park Friday night, Direct West is giving out free footballs in the bowl on Friday.

The Arts Tunnel

We don’t know exactly what’s happening in the Arts Tunnel this week but we can guarantee that the walls will be lined with booths. While some of these booths will be giving away free stuff (The StarPhoenix usually shows up to hand out free papers), many of them will also be there to sell you stuff (it seems someone’s always selling tickets to beer nights). So while the insane crush of people may be a deterrent, you might want to brave it; you never know what freebies you’ll find.

Free movies

While the Carless Drive-in that the USSU is hosting on Sept. 9 doesn’t give you free items, they are hosting free viewings of Shaun of the Dead and Batman (1966). Here’s hoping it doesn’t rain!

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