Happy new school year

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It’s a new year!

So here we are. All together, Once again. A new school year is in its infancy. A time when we students can start anew and leave errors made in the past. Or we carry on momentum from previous years and become much stronger this year.

It’s an opportunity for us to challenge ourselves in ways we maybe have not in a long time or in some cases, in ways which we never have.

The summer as well must be left in the past. It’s time to focus less on taking it easy and more on things that we are passionate about. A word of advice: have a carpe diem approach or time to achieve your goals may just pass you by.

It’s a new year and a terrible idea to be stagnant. To avoid stagnating, I play a little game. Every year I tell myself I want something new. Every year I make myself a new goal because it gives me something to shoot for.

One year I made myself the goal to become the most awesome Street Fighter player at the Campus Cove arcade. The goal was not reached but I did become extremely awesome at Street Fighter. Another year I made the goal of refraining from using the Arts Tunnel once the entire year. This was also a goal that I could not reach, mainly due to extremely cold weather.

A few years ago, I wanted to go through the entire year without being tardy or absent from one class the whole term. I’m proud to say that this particular goal was accomplished.

It doesn’t really matter if you complete your goal. It’s the journey that is significant — not the destination.

I say step up. I say push yourself. I say experiment and try new things. I say take a chance.

Do something you told yourself you would never do. You just might be surprised.