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LETTERS: Aug 27, 2009

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Mental health article makes a difference

Dear Sheaf,
I can’t thank you enough for the article on suicide that appeared in spring. My brother was suffering from depression and was having suicidal ideation when he came across the article. I remember him mentioning later when he did get treatment that he had come across the article and it helped him take steps to help himself (help phone numbers).
I can’t thank you enough for having the article and the resources mentioned . . . it just may have prevented another fatal statistic. He is currently getting the treatment and support he needs for his depression.
Thankful Sister
Editor’s note: The article “Mental minefield: Student stress can feed a bigger problem” appeared in the March 12 issue of the Sheaf. While the article dealt more with anxiety and panic than suicide, the resources listed were for people with any type of mental health issue. We’re glad we could help.

Registration woes

I would like to complain about the registration process and hope that this letter will find its way into the Sheaf. I cannot believe that a university of this calibre is not able to find a way for its students to register for classes.  We pay thousands of dollars every year to support a system that does not support us. 
There is absolutely no excuse for registration taking one hour and 10 minutes, which is how long it took me the morning of registration, and it took some people longer. This problem gets worse every single year and someone needs to do something about it. 
One of my fellow students found that the times for their required classes were changed the day before she was to register and now she cannot get all of the classes she needs to graduate and will be here another year.  Another student found that there are time conflicts with the course she needs for an anatomy degree. 
It is completely unfair that students miss out on required classes because the university cannot make this system work, and that they miss out on work sitting at their computers trying to register.

Thank you,
J Gerbrandt

Support for French section

Dear editor,
I was pleasantly surprised and pleased that you would have a call to your readers in order to determine their interest in having a section in the French language. Bravo! It is great to see this initiative.
I am no longer a student on campus but work for the provincial government with post-secondary institutions. When I come to Saskatoon, I always look forward to picking up the Sheaf in the halls of our great institution.
I do hope that this call will generate interest in having some French-speaking students rise to the opportunity.
Bonne chance. I look forward to doing some reading “en français.”

Marcel Michaud
Editor’s note: Check out our French section survey at


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