Artisan burgers at Jerry’s Food Emporium

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Arts Editor

My initial encounter with Jerry’s Food Emporium was in my first year of university when I participated in what the Rez kids call “The Grub Crawl.”

Jerry’s was our dessert stop. Not surprising, considering that it serves incredible gourmet gelato and other such fine delicacies.

Jerry’s recently underwent an extensive renovation. Not only to its physical appearance but also to its menu.

The locally owned and operated establishment has now added artisan gourmet burgers to their already delicious menu.

Owner Jerry Kristian spent a long time looking for the perfect combination of flavours to appeal to all demographics.
“When we renovated we tried to bring in a few new trends,” said Kristian. “With the artisan burgers, that was the last area where I felt we still needed to do a little work. High end gourmet burgers are at the top of trends right now and have been for about two years. It hasn’t really come to Saskatoon until now. I really wanted to make them accessible to everyone. “

One of the most important aspects of a good burger is the bun. Jerry spent a considerable length of time in search of the perfect bun for the burgers. When he couldn’t find what he wanted, he took the DIY route and built a bakery for Jerry’s where they make their own delicious hamburger and ciabatta buns.

“Finding great buns. It sounds simple,” laughed Kristian. “It’s actually incredibly difficult.”

At the sampling event I was treated to a broad selection of variations on the artisan burger, including a range of meats from lamb to beef, turkey to chicken and a variety of cheeses and toppings. I went with a personal go-to of a bacon cheddar burger with Angus Beef with a side of fresh cream-of-mushroom soup. It was delightful.

Jerry’s is a nice example of the ideal local establishment. The food is tasty, the owners are charismatic and the overall atmosphere of the place is friendly and comfortable. If you have not yet been to Jerry’s Food Emporium I suggest you do so immediately.