What were the three most important events of 2016 for you?
What was your favourite movie of 2016?
What was your favourite album of 2016?
Who was the most shocking (non-Harambe) death of 2016?
What area of the city do you live in?
What type of housing do you live in?
What is your rent, per month?
Do you have roommates?
If so, how many?
Why do you have roommates?
How did you find your rental?
How do you get to campus?
How close is the nearest bus route to your place?
How would you rate the transit system in your area?
How close is your nearest grocery store?
Do you feel safe in your neighbourhood?
Do you like where you live?
Would you consider yourself a perfectionist?
How often does perfectionism interfere with your life?
Of the following options, what are the top three areas you worry about perfectionism in?
Does perfectionism cause you to procrastinate?
Have you ever sought out a doctor or counsellor’s help for perfectionism?
Has your perfectionism improved or worsened since you started university?
Which year of study are you in?
A) What do you identify as?
B) Your age:
C) What is your college?
1) What is your sexual orientation?
2) What is your relationship status?
3) How do you define “sex?” (select all that apply)
4) How often do you think about sex?
5) How often do you have sex?
6) How often do you masturbate?
7) Would you consider yourself to be sexually active?
8) When did you lose your virginity?
9) What does losing your virginity mean to you?
10) Are you satisfied with your sex life?
11) What type of contraceptives do you and your partner(s) use?
12) On average how long do you spend on foreplay?
13) What’s your top sexual fantasy? (select all that apply)
14) What are your feelings on BDSM? (Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM)
15) How many sexual partners have you had?
16) Have you ever had a one night stand?
17) What have you participated in? (select all that apply)
18) Have you ever cheated on your significant other? (current or past)
19) If you currently live with your parents: Where do you have sex?
20) Where is your favourite place to get hot on campus?