Saskatchewan water resources need to surface

With industry booming in Saskatchewan and the South Saskatchewan River supplying an essential resource, the Global Institute for Water Security has published a report outlining how the province can protect its freshwater for the future.

Thirsty: first-person account of the real risks of overhydration and water poisoning

"You are suffering from overhydration,” Dr. Wayne Smith said, running a hand through his greying hair. “You are drinking so much water that it is becoming like a poison in your body.” I stared at him in disbelief. Beside me sat my metal water bottle, its flower pattern chipping from overuse. My tongue felt like sandpaper and I wanted nothing more than to take a gulp from it. But, from that moment on, it was no longer an option.

Bottled water not worth the environmental price

Here at the University of Saskatchewan and on campuses across North America, discussions have been mounting over whether or not bottled water should be available. Why is the provision and sale of bottled water such an issue?