Photos from the Paralympics

Here are some of the best photos from the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Games, captured by the Sheaf's photo editor Robby Davis.

Wheelchair curling team wins gold

After defeating Korea 8-7 over the course of eight ends at Vancouver's Paralympic Curling Centre on March 20, it was clear from the thousands of people who filled the venue that wheelchair curling was at home in Canada.

PM Harper lifts spirits after sledge hockey disappointment

Canada's Paralympic sledge hockey team came close on March 19, but Norway ultimately grabbed victory by scoring the winning goal with 3.6 seconds remaining. But if the Canadian team's morale was crushed by their loss to Norway, a visit from prime minister Stephen Harper may have helped.

Canada finishes 4th in sledge hockey at Paralympics

A 3-1 loss to Japan in the semi-finals on March 18 and a 2-1 defeat handed out by Norway on March 19 in the bronze medal showdown has eliminated any prospect of sledge hockey establishing itself alongside the original ice hockey ”” at least for now.

Saskatoon athlete wins silver in Vancouver Paralympics

After the 1998 Nagano Olympics, the City of Saskatoon decided to name a few streets after Saskatchewan's finest athletes in celebration of their athletic triumphs on the world stage. Canadian Paralympic sit-skier Colette Bourgonje is one of these amazing athletes.

Figure skating changing for the better

The quadruple jump was first landed in competition in 1988 by Canada's very own Kurt Browning. After that, if you were not landing your quad jumps in men's figure skating, you simply were not winning medals. The fact that the quadruple jump is extremely dangerous for skaters was ignored in favour of proving oneself to the sport.

Russia’s underachievement in men’s Olympic Hockey

The fall of the Soviet Union marked an emphasis on individualism in Russian society that had not been there previously. While this was undoubtedly a positive development, it hasn't produced the best results for the country in terms of hockey.

Jamaican bobsledding alive

What is there to do after more than two weeks of Olympics in Vancouver? Downloading and watching a borderline sappy Olympics-themed movie is the remedy, of course. In this case, the 1993 Disney film Cool Runnings.

Videos from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

There have been many great moments during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics ”” moments of joy and jubilation as well as moments of sadness and misery. Here are a few memorable people or events.

A bashful Charles Hamelin grabs two medals

After Canadian speed skater Hamelin was surpassed in the final stretch of the 1500 metre by the Korean speed skating team during the Vancouver Olympics last week, Canada's skating poster child told a nation of stunned fans to be patient, promising them a glorious medal later in the tournament. He delivered.

Canadian women win hockey gold

Our lady Canucks guzzled a few Molson Canadian, sipped on champagne and ”” gasp! ”” smoked cigars following the championship win. For this minor indiscretion the team has been excoriated in American news outlets but they don't have to apologize for their celebration.